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Earth Day at Briar Chapel - A Fabulous Day it Was!

by Shannon McSwiney
Marketing Manager, Newland Communities


Earth Day in Briar Chapel is always a fabulous day, but we were especially excited this year as our event grew larger than year’s past. Your commitment to supporting the community in which you live was a truly amazing gesture – we enjoyed spending our day with you!


4.21.12 Runners Starting Line - Briar Chapel Earth Day Festival 103 DOC SMThe day kicked off with our 4th Annual 5k Race, benefitting The Abundance Foundation. A record year for runners, we had 195 registered! Many thanks to all of you that came out again for a consecutive year and awesome job to those of you running the race for the first time! I know we had some of those that even walked away with wins in their age group categories (on their first race)!!


The rain stayed away and the afternoon turned out to be amazing, athletic and educational! King BMX put on two awesome shows for the crowd – these high-flying feats of athleticism came off with little effort (as least to us as we watched in awe). They left us wanting more! Lizzy Ross Band and Tom Maxwell entertained with a soulful, energetic sound – and were great additions to the day.


4.21.12 Linda Watson And Farmer Doug - Briar Chapel Earth Day Festival 299 DOC SMOn the second stage the crowd enjoyed demonstrations by Linda Watson of Cook for Good and Yardsprout. And the food trucks and breweries drew quite a crowd themselves – giving back 10% of their proceeds to The Abundance Foundation!


We had a wonderful group of vendors selling and demonstrating everything from jewelry, art and pottery to Healthy Mom Coaching, Body Therapeutics, hula hooping, bubbles and tree essences. This was truly a celebration of “all things local” and what better day to showcase the talents in our community than on Earth Day at Briar Chapel!


4.21.12 Yardsprout - Briar Chapel Earth Day Festival 165 DOC SMSo thank you, we hope you will continue to explore our community and discover a perfect place that many already call home. Because of you and all of our wonderful Sponsors, The Abundance Foundation raised over $5,000 – those dollars will help continue to grow their programs around sustainability. Some events you can look forward to hearing more about:  the Chef Challenge and Summer Camp.

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