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30 April . 2012

May 2012 Builder of the Month - Home Front Builders

By Heather Campbell
Customer Relations Coordinator


Custom builder representative Jessica Bryan told me that John Dunning, Principal of award-winning Home Front Builders, Inc. has invested over twenty years in the building industry. “His years spent completing high-end renovation and remodels are apparent in the detailed craftsmanship and extensive millwork used in his homes” she said.  “Home Front Builders, Inc. has been building in Chatham County since 2001 and has established a strong reputation in the $400,000’s to 1-million-dollar home builder market.”  And this phenomenal custom builder lives in Chatham County, too.   Now that's close to home.

“John is conscious of all aspects of home building and how they will affect his home buyers.  He is thorough in his approach and quick in his responses” she said.  “He is highly creative and visual, which translates to good communication so that his clients understand the process and what they can expect from their experience.”  These are just a few of the things that set Home Front Builders apart.

Though each home in Briar Chapel is built to a minimum of the Bronze level in green-building, Home Front Builders offers a home at any level.  “In Briar Chapel EVERYTHING is built to at least Energy Star” Jessica notes.  “Home Front Builders can provide any of the green features and designs that a buyer wants or needs.  They are well-equipped to advise on the features that a buyer should use in their home and those that they may opt out of.  Home Front knows how to build a green home that is both energy-efficient and economical.  And they are also able to build a healthy home, which is also part of being green.”


Stop by Briar Chapel and chat with a Home Front Builders representative.  This custom builder can help you design your new home to suit your needs, your lifestyle, all right here in this beautiful community where ammenities abound ... and they could all be close to home, too. 

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