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16 April . 2010

Healthy Feet Keep You in the Race!

By Dr. Mindy H. Bradshaw

Back Solutions Chiropractic & Wellness Center


The 2nd Annual Briar Chapel 5k is tomorrow, Saturday, April 17th - this following conversation with Dr. Bradshaw of Back Solutions might offer some helpful insights to you if you happen to be an avid runner or just someone on your feet often.


 “When the feet hit the ground everything changes.” This is the company motto for Foot Levelers, Inc. Nothing could be more fitting when discussing foot and ankle issues. By age 20, nearly 80 percent of the population has some kind of foot problem, and by age forty, almost all of us do. Foot and ankle problems can be the nemesis of any professional or amateur athlete, especially runners. Many runners are plagued with foot pain, ankle sprains, tendonitis, knee discomfort and muscular injury, just to name a few. Many of these injuries result from pronation or supination of the foot.


Pronation is considered to be one of the most common foot problems; in fact, recent studies show that 77 percent of the population pronates on one or both sides of the body. In pronation, some of the bones of the foot drop to a less stable position because the foot arches are too weak to keep them in proper alignment. The arches themselves may be unnaturally stretched, what is commonly known as “flat feet,” and stress on the entire foot increases. Long-term excessive pronation can lead to conditions such as: achilles tendonitis, patellofemoral pain syndrome and plantar fasciitis. If not treated, these conditions can lead to progressive development of foot malfunction and discomfort. 


Nearly 60 years ago, Dr. Monte Greenawalt, D.C. invented a technology to balance the body by balancing the feet. The custom-made orthotics that he designed, which he called Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers® provided structural support, yet allowed the foot to retain a full range of motion. Most people think that when you're making a product for the feet it is to correct foot problems, but that isn’t necessarily true. Custom-made, flexible orthotics will certainly help the feet, but they have a far-reaching effect beyond the foot or ankle as well. Over pronation can cause changes in the mechanics of the knees, hips, pelvis and the spine, as seen in the diagram below.


Foot Levelers offers a simple foot scan, which uses a weight-bearing image of the feet.  From this scan, 16 specific measurements of the foot are taken and used in the development of the orthotics. Each pair is custom made to fit and provide correction for that person/patient.


Appropriate use of custom-made orthotics can help decrease the high incidence of lower extremity overuse injuries that can result from running. By reducing the stress and strain of running, a well-designed orthotic can speed a full return to running activities, while also helping prevent re-injury.


What do you have to lose   Have you had your feet scanned


Stop by our new location in the Chatham Downs Shopping Center (Harris Teeter), conveniently located on 15-501 to receive your free foot scan. Upon evaluation, if orthotics are recommended for your specific condition, we will gladly contact your insurance carrier to verify coverage.


Thank you Dr. Bradshaw - we look forward to seeing you this weekend at Briar Chapel! Let us know how chiropractic care has made a difference in your lifestyle.


Back Solutions Chiropractic & Wellness Center

141 Chatham Downs Dr, Suite 204

Chapel Hill, NC 27517

(919) 969-0931



*The thoughts and opinions of guest bloggers do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Newland Communities or Briar Chapel.
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