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Storefront for Triangle Visions Optometry of Chapel Hill in Briar Chapel

20 June . 2017

A Clearer Picture


When the team conceptualized Triangle Visions, they envisioned a practice with one goal: to provide modern care with friendly old-fashioned doctoring. And for any patient, it doesn’t take long to experience this mission in action.


The friendly and warm atmosphere, the prompt and attentive staff, the innovative technology and holistic care — all of these qualities are hallmarks of Triangle Visions Optometry of Chapel Hill.


"Vision care is a foundational piece of life,” said Beth Lockamy, marketing specialist, Triangle Visions. “We want to help our patients enjoy a clearer view of life, so we are committed to providing personalized, cutting-edge care while also giving patients the opportunity to wear the latest in high-fashion designer eyewear.”


Located in Briar Chapel’s Veranda, this Chapel Hill practice provides a compressive approach to eye care. While discount vision centers offer prescriptive eye correction and medical hospitals often focus solely on the eye health, Triangle Visions’ holistic program addresses the full spectrum of eye care; they provide diagnosis and treatment of eye conditions as well as state-of-the-art prescriptions, such as specialty contact lenses. In addition, Triangle Visions is one of only three practices in the area with a vision therapy program specializing in low-vision consultation.

Triangle Visions Optometry of Chapel Hill

But the world’s most innovative technology means little without a vital piece of the puzzle: personal, prompt care. Appointments are typically available within the week, and once you walk into the office, your wait is less than 15 minutes — quite a contrast to the national average wait of nearly half an hour!


“We opened our doors at Veranda because we didn’t want to be just near a community,” said Beth. “We wanted to be a part of a community and serve our neighbors.”


Hence, it’s no surprise that Triangle Visions’ Dr. Heather O’Mara is a Briar chapel resident! Who better to trust with your health than your own neighbors? Make an appointment today!

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