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22 April . 2011

The Briar Chapel 'Green' Blog

by Shannon McSwiney
Marketing Manager, Newland Communities


During our April Earth Day festivities at Briar Chapel, we kicked off a fun, behind-the-scenes look at our green-built homes in "The Hunt for Green." This gave participants a chance to see behind the walls (literally, in some cases) to find out what makes the community as well as the homes in Briar Chapel green. We had so much fun with this digital hunt that we decided to incorporate it into our every day experience at Briar Chapel!


Next up - join our builders on the Green Home Tour in May. During this tour, new bronze level certified homes that are under construction or just completed will be featured throughout Durham, Orange and Chatham Counties and right here in Briar Chapel! Bring your smartphone along for the tour, and on all featured homes in Briar Chapel you'll be able to scan a QR code to learn fun facts about what makes Briar Chapel homes at least 15 percent more energy efficient than a regular code built home.


In a previous blog, I mentioned that people often ask us, "What makes your community green?"  This is when our ears perk up, and our eyes glimmer at the chance to answer their question - we're proud of our community and the sustainable features and can't wait to spread the word.


It's worth mentioning here that green means different things to different people. Some folks consider carbon emissions, others water conservation. It can be reducing your building footprint and recycling household goods to decreasing food waste and driving less. Whatever you believe, it's worth knowing that we all have to start somewhere, and you have to look within yourself to determine what is most important to you and where can you effectively make the most impact. It's OK to start small and build upon the foundation you created.


When envisioning the Briar Chapel community almost ten years ago, Newland Communities did just that. They assessed the areas they could make the most impact. We asked ourselves, what could we (as a company) establish as a solid foundation for today and moving into the future at Briar Chapel. How would we position this community to be a meaningful, sustainable place for current and future residents who chose to call Briar Chapel home?


The key areas where we felt we could make the most immediate impact are: natural resource and wildlife habitat protection, water quality, vegetation protection and enhancement, green home building, and integration with the community/community outreach.


In the coming months I look forward to shedding light on each of these key areas that are woven into the fabric of our community. In the meantime, I invite you to come out to Briar Chapel and bring your smartphone to embark on an educational tour. You'll see it's more than beautiful homes, lush open space, parks and trails - it's peace of mind in your decision to enhance the life of you and your family for years to come - no matter what your definition of green is!


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