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23 March . 2012

It's All About The Story

by David Hughens



Whether it is a book, an advertisement, a TV commercial, a persuasive email, a feature length film or a short film, if you want to communicate effectively, you have to be able to tell a story. It must be an engaging story to be effective. It takes some thought and that takes time. Most people rely on outlandish characters or special effects or beautiful cinematography and hope that no one will notice that their piece is completely void of story. I’m going to assert that the foundation of any effective piece of work must always be a solid story. Beginning, middle and end. It is that simple.


You must hook your audience in the beginning with something thoughtful or amazing. Then you must make your case and build tension in the middle. Finally, you resolve your story with a well punctuated ending, tying everything up in a nice little package that delivers satisfaction or maybe even a call to action.


I will help you use the medium of video to tell your story. We will discuss equipment and software. We will talk about shot selection and camera moves, how to record audio, creative uses of sound effects, and how to mix music to enhance your project. I will also talk about the basics of video editing. But in the end, it will all come back to telling a strong story in order to be most effective.


I would like you to think about some of your favorite stories, especially films or short films, but any story will do. I will show you some videos that we can critique in order to learn what to do and what not to do. Come prepared for a lively discussion and to have some fun!


For more details about David's class, Effective Communication Using Video, and to register click here!


On Saturday, April 24th Learn:

  • How to craft a story structure that supports the message of your short film.
  • How to use composition, framing and shot choice to tell your story.
  • The basics of editing theory for both video and music.




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