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Outdoor porch

17 June . 2018

Chill Out

There’s nothing quite like a North Carolina summer. Our calendars brim with everything from sunny stretches to toasty temptests blessed with the South’s hallmark humidity.

Fortunately, all of the homes in Briar Chapel are built according to the rigorous NGBS green building code, increasing energy efficiency and saving our residents hundreds of dollars in energy bills.

In addition to an energy efficient home, there are other ways for you to keep cool this summer. We’ve culled a few simple tips and tricks to maximize your home’s system, keeping the rooms chill and the bills even lower.


HVAC unit

Keep a Happy HVAC. Implement a routine maintenance schedule to ensure that your air conditioning system functions efficiently. Since dirt can be a home’s downfall, schedule annual or seasonal appointments to clean your HVAC coils. Change your air filters regularly and consider helpful tools like a smart thermostat to regulate your temperature patterns.

window shutters

"Dip" the Window Dressing. Tip your blinds during the day, as up to 30 percent of unwanted heat can sneak through your window, according to Huffington Post. Better yet, install blackout curtains that can be drawn in unused rooms. If considering an upgrade, opt for double-glazed or double-hung windows.

ceiling fan

Flip the Fan. Maximize your HVAC system’s air with a ceiling fan. During the summer months, be sure to set the fan to rotate counterclockwise at a high speed. This creates what is known as the “wind-chill effect” for a pleasant breeze.

kitchen mixer

Unplug the Unnecessaries. All electronics produce a margin of heat when plugged into an outlet. Check out which appliances consume the most energy and unplug unused appliances to increase your home’s chill factor.

outdoor grill with steak and asparagus

Go Gungho for Grills. Rather than steaming up the kitchen, opt to cook meals outdoors! Turn dinnertime into a family cookout or S’more’s fest.

plants creating shade

Plant Shade. Leverage your landscaping by planting sun-blocking foliage near windows or lining the sunny side of your home. Consult this “cool” infographic for tips on choosing and planting your favorite flora.

Looking for more information on an energy efficient home? There’s no better time to explore options than during the dog days of summer! Stop by the information center or check out the details!

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