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06 May . 2012

Home Front Builders, Inc. is Dedicated to Working as a Team

By Heather Campbell
Customer Relations Coordinator


Home Front Builders, Inc. President John Dunning is a true artist, says Custom Builder Representative Jessica Bryan.  “In the year that I have been working with John I have observed his creativity first hand.  Many people are not visual and cannot picture what their home will look like or how a suggested change may finish out” she said.  “John will quickly supply a picture representation that will answer a buyer’s questions.  What makes John different?  He is easy to work with, has a very agreeable nature and does not allow ego to get in the way of what a buyer wants.  He is willing to go the extra mile.  Above all, his pride in the finished product means that when buyers see a home that is built by Home Front Builders they know that they are buying quality.”

Home Front Builders, Inc.’s dedication to working as a team makes the home buyer’s experience enjoyable and effortless.  “We listen to the buyer, then work to make the buyer’s dream a reality” says Jessica.  “Some people do not want to be bothered by the myriad details involved in building a home.  We respect this and will involve the client as little or a much as the client wants to be included.  By providing a clear picture of what the home will include and what it will look like before the buyer signs a contract means that the building process can then take place without any hassle or delay.”  Discovering those elements of a home that are important to the individual client and then designing a home that meets those criteria is important to Home Front Builders, Inc.

Jessica has found that home buyers today seem to be more focused on quality than on square footage.  She recalls that many clients say that they are downsizing but still want great design and high quality in their homes.  And she has also found that more and more people are focused on living “green”, which means that they want to reduce their energy bills; live in a healthier, cleaner environment; and conserve natural resources. Home Front Builders, Inc. builds a green home and understands the elements of living green and saving green.  From builder representative Jessica Bryan, who is a green consultant and an EcoBroker, to President John Dunning, who is a Certified Green Specialist, the homebuyer will have confidence that this is a team that understands what it means to build a green-built, custom home.  Stop by today to learn more about Home Front Builders, Inc. can offer in your new custom home here at Briar Chapel.

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