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19 March . 2012

Great Customer Service With David Weekley Homes

By Heather Campbell
Customer Relations Coordinator


Gina and Martin discovered Briar Chapel in December of 2010.  Within the short time-frame of 2 ½ months, they discovered that David Weekley Homes was the perfect builder for them … and the rest is history.  When asked what some of their most memorable experiences were when building with David Weekley Homes, they called the process “unquestionably the greatest customer service experience we’ve had.”


Gina said “we know things weren't always what they seemed at first when dealing with a team on a large construction project, but at no point did the David Weekley team disappoint.  I especially appreciated that the interesting details that caught my eye in the model were standard.  The character wasn't in the upgrades; the character was in the bones.”  And they had plenty of fun adding in color choices and upgrades to make their new home a reflection of their own personality and style.


“The David Weekley team consistently over-delivered and were as open, caring, and focused on our needs AFTER we signed the contract as they were before we signed.  Their demeanor and intention never changed.” That's what Gina says she would tell anyone considering David Weekley Homes at Briar Chapel.  “The David Weekley team was completely open to bigger customizations that involved more than just paint or granite color.”  There is enough room for everything they love, but their home won’t be too large once their youngest heads off to college.


Their favorite features of their perfect place – where to start?!  “We love our window seats, custom walk-in pantry, and paint choices.  We had a LOT of fun with color!  But the downstairs windows are the winners.  We have 10 perfectly-placed windows, all of which frame an always evolving view of nature and our strolling neighbors.”  While working from home, Gina enjoys seeing people, dogs and children walking, cycling and riding scooters all day long.  Their corner home site, overlooking green space across the street, allows her just that.  “I especially love when our windows are open and we hear little children chattering and asking all sorts of adorable questions; it's a wistful reminder of our own children’s questions over a decade ago.  Plus, all the neighbors walking by all day showcases one of the best features of Briar Chapel: we have a diverse group of families, all living side by side.  That's pretty fabulous.”


Visit with a David Weekley Homes representative to see for yourself everything fabulous they have to offer here at Briar Chapel.  Discover your favorite features with this amazing builder in this vibrant community.


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