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03 January . 2019

Nailing Your New Year’s Resolutions

New year, new you? With the strike of midnight on December 31, many seek to make beneficial changes in their lifestyle, such as healthier living, more quality time with loved ones or a better financial outlook. If you’re embarking on a fresh resolution for 2019, here are just a few ways to find support in your Briar Chapel community.

group of adults running

Getting Active

Looking to get out, get moving and get slimmer? Look no further than your own backyard (or, more accurately, down the street a block or so). If you’re not comfortable in a gym, find elements in your local community that encourage activity. For example, Briar Chapel offers sports courts for a game of basketball or pickleball. The lap lane pool provides endless summertime swims. Residents can bike, hike or run the 24 miles of trails wending through the community or grab a quick workout on the outdoor fitness equipment in Greatm Meadow Park.

And with the HOA’s cornucopia of interest clubs, there’s no shortage of friends to support you in your fitness journey.

plate of grilled salmon

Healthier Meals

As the whirlwind of the new year kicks off, busy schedules often make home-cooked meals a challenge. Veranda, Briar Chapel’s commercial section, holds several delicious restaurants that offer wholesome food to enjoy both while dining in or taken to go. Breakaway Café, for example, offers dishes made with locally sourced, hormone-free ingredients. Town Hall Burger & Beer provides not only its proprietary blend of high-quality meats but also fresh salads and grilled fish. And it’s all on your “front porch” at Briar Chapel.

kids playing outside in park

Quality Time

When all is said and done, we all yearn to silence the phone and simply spend cherished time with the ones we love. Perhaps that is a date night at a restaurant in Veranda or a family cookout at one of Briar Chapel’s parks. Maybe it’s time to phone a friend for a walk on a trail or a game of flag football in Briar Commons. Wherever you are, make the time to invest in the important people in your life.

Here’s to a happy 2019!

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