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06 October . 2016

A Peek into The Past: One Resident's Journey into Briar Chapel's History

A Peek into the Past: One Resident’s Journey into Briar Chapel’s History


For one Briar Chapel resident, October marks a special occasion to dress up and get into character… but not for Halloween!


On October 15, 2016, Glenn Lazarus will don the persona of Mid Bennet, a humble handyman on the Herndon Farm from the 1900s whose story is interwoven with the fascinating figures and sites of Briar Chapel’s past. Standing on the grounds where history was made amidst a divided nation, Glenn will transport friends and families back to the harrowing days of the Civil War, unveiling Briar Chapel’s rich past through a historical tour.


When it comes to Briar Chapel’s history, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone with more knowledge than Glenn, a Briar Chapel resident. Although he modestly refers to himself as an “amateur historian,” Glenn meticulously studied the original documentation of the Briar Chapel property, conducted archaeological surveys and invested hours coaxing tales from the older farmers of the area. Currently, Glenn is investigating remnants of two houses in the western part of Briar Chapel, one of which he believes was owned by Civil-War era postmaster Thomas Farrar. If you’re lucky, you may hear the story of the Union raid on Farrar’s farm and one-eyed mule on the historical tour of Briar Chapel.


With a passion for history and a gift for storytelling, Glenn enjoys living in both the past and present as a resident of Briar Chapel. Glenn served in the military for 20 years specializing in military intelligence and 20 more years in international security affairs. After retirement, Glenn pursued his interest in history and now volunteers in the genealogy section of Chatham Community Library. He is the author of a book surrounding the history of his and his wife’s family, called “War, Warriors and Wonderful Women.” With an extensive military background, Briar Chapel’s rich Civil War history is greatly appealing. 


Prompted by the desire to be closer to family, Glenn and his wife Monica joined Briar Chapel in 2009 as one of the community’s early homebuyers. They’re now active participants in Briar Chapel’s vibrant clubs and schedule of activities, including one of their favorites, “water walking” at the Briar Chapel pool.


“We love the activities, amenities and the wonderful and diverse sense of community that Briar Chapel offers,” said Glenn. “Briar Chapel’s approach to green living and of course its attention to historical preservation is another reason we are proud to call this place home.”



George Herndon Family

George Herndon Family

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