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01 December . 2010

There’s something in the air…

According to Bill Klotz, Home Performance Coordinator at Southern Energy Management, “a typical home has enough small air leaks that add up to keeping a window open wide all year round.” Now that’s a lot of money vanishing into thin air! Luckily, Bill and the folks at SEM are constantly looking for ways to improve homes by increasing energy efficiency. We’re all about conserving energy here at Briar Chapel, so we looked into a test that Bill performs to prevent your air (and your wallet) from leaking.

The blower door, “often the most important piece of equipment [Southern Energy Management] use[s],” is a tool used to measure the total amount of air leaking into or out of any house (or commercial building). By using a red nylon curtain, a fan, and some special equipment, the experts can gauge the air pressure inside and outside of your home and compare the two, consequently determining how much air is leaking in or out of the building.

Surprisingly for most, a home can also be considered “too tight,” meaning that it is not receiving proper ventilation. Too few air changes can also pose a problem concerning fresh air and moisture exchange.

The blower door is a required component of essential testing for a home to receive Energy Star certification. So, if your home is Energy Star certified (like all Briar Chapel homes), your home’s ventilation shouldn’t be a problem; however, it is still a good idea to get it checked every few years just to ensure peak efficiency.

With the months and the seasons flying by, winter is pretty much upon us (despite the unseasonably warm temps we've been enjoying)! Insulation and proper ventilation is most important in the chilly months, when most of us are only concerned about staying warm. With those wintry drafts and high energy bills looming, maybe a blower door test isn’t such a bad idea after all…

This Briar Chapel blog was adapted from a recent newsletter and blog post by Southern Energy Management. To read more about them click here. And let us know how you plan to stay warm this winter!

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