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10 March . 2017

The Benefits of Going Green

It’s easy being green at Briar Chapel. As one of the largest sustainable communities in the Triangle, we hold a commitment to preserving our land, our resources and our area’s vitality. For example, every home in our community is built according to the rigorous standards and third-party testing of the National Green Building Program (NGBS).

From our storm water management system and solar panel programs to our energy efficient homes, we’re all kinds of green! But at the end of the day, what does it mean for our residents?

1. $1 million in energy bill savings. 
It’s true! Since our inception, we’ve helped residents save approximately $1 million in energy bills alone. Our NGBS-certified homes feature the industry’s leading energy efficient features and materials. Residents can opt for a solar panel system, and in fact, approximately 30 percent of our homes are built facing south to maximize sunlight.


Home with roof solar panels


What could our residents do with this extra pocket change each year? 9,110 family cookouts. 14,015 movie nights. 2,603 weekends at the beach. 60,733 freshly baked apple pies. Go on. Enjoy the good stuff of life!

2. Healthier Quality of Life
Our carefully designed home systems improve air quality on three fronts: eliminating initial pollutants in building materials, ventilating the air flow efficiently and filtering out any pollutants that might sneak into your home. This means cleaner, fresher air and less daily toxins that might affect your future health. Your family can breathe easy.

3. Stable, clean water resources.

Briar Chapel bridge and green space

We know that every drop counts. Our homes feature the latest WaterSense certified products, everything from kitchen faucets to bathroom toilets that decrease water waste and the strain on finite resources.  These systems save water, lower water bills and provide an overall more efficient system for your family. 

Every drop is a part of a bigger pond, and in this case, it’s our own pond! Briar Chapel’s independent water system utilizes reclaimed water to irrigate parks and residential lots within the community; this significantly minimizes the community’s demand for potable water. Not only does this preserve the county’s water sources, it also means that we have a stable supply in seasons of draught or change.

4. Built-In Relaxation

We intentionally crafted our community to feature 900 acres of open space; one of our goals is to preserve the natural topography, wildlife and North Carolina’s distinctive native flora.

Think parks, winding trails, rolling grassy knolls, creek beds made for playing…endless opportunities to get outdoors and get active. In addition, these open spaces serve as natural gathering areas for friends, fostering relationships and a sense of a community. Relaxation, lower stress, higher sense of well-being are all benefits our residents enjoy. Come home to a place that makes it easy and fun to savor a healthy and well-rounded lifestyle.

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