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16 June . 2010

Right Under Your Nose!

By Bill Whitmore - REALTOR, EcoBroker
Fonville Morisey Realty
1520 E Franklin Street
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
919 593-0865 direct/cell

President - 2010 - Greater Chapel Hill Assn. of Realtors
Rising Star Award - 2007 Winner


You remember when we kicked off our blog, we told you we would bring in guest bloggers from around the area, spanning a variety of topics Well, this post certainly is no different than what you may have become accustomed to on "The View from the Porch". We are pleased to bring to you the thoughts of Bill Whitmore a local REALTOR and EcoBroker right here in beautiful Chapel Hill! You may remember, back in May, we shared some great things to do around the Southern Chatham area (Pittsboro) and beyond. Well, Bill reminds us (again) of the rich, local culture and experiences we can find exploring the area - and it's all right here, right under your nose!

We are unusually fortunate to live in Chapel Hill. Not only do we benefit from the wonderful climate, accessibility to the beach and mountains, interesting-educated people, local culinary delights, and a music scene that is fabulous but, right here, right in town we have the North Carolina Botanical Garden… a true treasure. For those of us who appreciate the visual beauty of nature, it’s a great place to take a walk. For those of us who love the smells of a garden and all the lush herbaceous trips that waft through our senses… what a gift. The NC Botanical Garden is a rare place. It is a rare and fabulous facility…recently completed to LEED Platinum standards.  The Garden is as good as it gets in going GREEN. 

Beyond all that, we have the privilege of taking advantage of a vast array of educational services at “The Garden”, as my dear friend Peter White (director of the NC Botanical Garden) short-cuts it. For instance, if you are planning to plant a garden with native Southeastern plants, want drought tolerance, and don’t know where to turn for advice…. it’s right under your nose at the Garden.  Looking to purchase plants raised with the greatest of care…it’s in the Garden. Worried and wondering what to do about invasive, toxic plants…ask the Garden. Want to take a guided tour or take classes in how to plan, plant, and tend to a remarkable, personalized space…it’s in the Garden. What was the “Wildflower of the Year”, you ask…the answer is in the Garden. Don’t know where to start  Stop by or contact the Curator-on-Call (919 962-0522) to get the answers you need to move ahead with confidence.

You have purchased a home in Briar Chapel because you care about your environment. You care about being responsible for your carbon footprint. The North Carolina Botanical Garden can take you to the next level of understanding and care. Surround your home with the right plants to enrich your life and do it knowing you are doing it knowledgably and responsibly.

Under the watchful eyes of the Garden staff are the other treasures in town to visit: The Coker Arboretum, the Forest Theatre, Battle Park and Mason Farm are all worth a visit.  To get  in touch with the Garden, use this link:  https://ncbg.unc.edu/

And it was right under your nose all the time!

Thank you Bill - so great to learn about the wonderful adventures we have right here in our own backyard! This is also an excellent follow-up to our recent post by resident, Lee Bowman on native landscaping in the summer months!

Please share below some of your favorite hometown adventures - getting to know you town is what it's all about. Sometimes we need to just "follow our nose".


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