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22 May . 2017

The Gang’s All Here: The Vansant Family


It’s the perfect summer scene: an outdoor cookout with mom, dad, grandma and grandpa while the children frolic in the yard. But often this festive experience isn’t feasible – especially for aging grandparents who live far from family.


While living in Maryland, Leslie Vansant helped to care for her mother, Arden, who lived more than 30 minutes away. Since the commute wasn’t ideal, the family began exploring other living options. Leslie had a sister living in North Carolina, and Arden decided she wanted to move down south. Warm weather! Good barbeque! Why not?


But Arden made a deal; Leslie and her husband Richard had to move, too! So in June of 2016, the Vansants packed their belongings, trundled to North Carolina and settled in Briar Chapel.


Meanwhile, plans began unfolding. Arden hoped to move to Carolina Meadows, a Chapel Hill-based retirement community, but the long waiting list quickly nixed that option. After seeing Leslie and Richard’s new house and the Briar Chapel community, the tide changed, and Arden was sold. She partnered with David Weekly Homes to create a cozy, single-story plan … all just four doors down from her daughter.


“Our new situation could not be more perfect,” said Leslie. “My mom is able to have her own space and independence. She loves her house, is able to spend time in her yard and enjoys activities at the clubhouse. But we are just a few doors down when she needs us.”


The ripple effect didn’t stop there. One of Leslie’s Maryland friends was planning to move to North Carolina. She came for a visit, fell in love with Leslie and Arden’s set up and decided to move, along with her mother, to Briar Chapel … just three doors down from Arden.


“Briar Chapel is a really amazing community, and we just love it here,” said Leslie. “We have met so many people in a similar situation as our family, and it’s wonderful to have the friends, support and camaraderie.”


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"Briar Chapel is a really amazing community, and we just love it here!"

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