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06 May . 2010

Summer is almost here, so let’s go riding!


Everyone involved here at TORC, Triangle Off-Road Cyclists, was pleased to see that in mid-April, President Obama signed the “Great American Outdoor Initiative,” a program aimed at bringing citizens from all over the United States together to develop new partnerships and innovative programs to protect and restore our outdoors legacy. In a memorandum, President Obama states:


“We must look to the private sector and nonprofit organizations, as well as towns, cities, and States, and the people who live and work in them, to identify the places that mean the most to Americans, and leverage the support of the Federal Government to help these community-driven efforts to succeed. Through these partnerships, we will work to connect these outdoor spaces to each other, and to reconnect Americans to them.”


He then went on to address that mountain biking would activities would be key to achieving youth participation, which is a main goal of the initiative. According to a recently released study by the Outdoor Industry Association, the Special Report on Youth, mountain biking holds great appeal to young people and helps get them involved in a range of healthy activities.


The study cites mountain biking on off-road surfaces as one of the top five activities that frequently attracts young people to play actively outdoors. It notes that while overall youth (ages 6 to 17) participation in outdoor activities has dropped by 16.7 percent in the last three years, mountain biking is a bright spot, with a 17.4-percent increase between 2007 and 2008.


At TORC, we couldn’t agree more. Mountain biking is a great way to connect with the outdoors for adults and youth alike. In the Triangle, we are blessed to have great biking facilities and trails, like the awesome competitive biking trails at Briar Chapel, at our disposal.


This year we are celebrating the great outdoors with National Trail Day, June 5, at Briar Chapel. We invite everyone to come out and enjoy the great trails and a great day of family fun! Check back for more details about this event. And let us know what you think about the extensive trail system at Briar Chapel - both biking and hiking!


About TORC:
Promoting, Building, Maintaining

Our Mission:
Triangle Off-Road Cyclists (TORC) is a volunteer organization dedicated to ensuring the future of mountain biking in the Triangle area of North Carolina through the promotion of responsible riding, establishment and maintenance of mountain biking trails, and preservation of North Carolina’s natural resources.

TORC’s primary focus is promoting the sport of mountain biking, new trail development, and trail maintenance throughout the Triangle. An important part of promoting the sport of mountain biking is extending a welcome to everybody who is enthusiastic and interested in the sport. It offers different rides, clinics and events to accommodate people with different skill levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced rides. As an extension Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association (SORBA), TORC also assists with rides, festivals, and the advancement of off-road cycling throughout the southeastern United States.

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