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Hammocks in Briar Chapel park

04 May . 2017

The Secret Nooks of Briar Chapel


In July of this year, the Messier family will celebrate its five-year anniversary at Briar Chapel. Mike, Erin and their three children – Lilliana (7), Bryson (6) and Amaya (3) – love to explore all that Briar Chapel has to offer. This active family of five takes full advantage of the adventures right outside of their front door, and they’ve discovered a few “secret activities” perfect for those that love the great outdoors.

 Messier family in park



Park Hopping

On any given Saturday, you are likely catch Mike “park hopping” through Briar Chapel with his children. Since Erin often works on the weekends, Mike claims “dad duty.” Without ever getting in the car, the Messier family can jump on their bikes and tour several different parks. They start at the park near the pool, head to Boulder Park, hop on an extension of the trail system to Great Meadow Park and catch another trail back to their home. All in a day’s work!


“When we first moved to Briar Chapel, we loved to visit Adventure Park,” said Erin. “I’m not sure many people even know about it, but it used to have a small orchard of apple trees, and the kids loved to pick apples while they played. Discovery Park with the hammock swings is another favorite.”

 kids playing on playground equipment

As the Messier kids have gotten older and started riding bikes, a new favorite family spot is Triangle Park, as the residents call it. This grassy glade lined with sidewalks and benches provides the perfect mom meet up spot where kids can ride bikes or toss a Frisbee.


Winter Wonderland

Briar Chapel offers unexpected fun activities in every season! During the last big snow storm, Erin and her family ventured outdoors with their sleds only to stumble on another of Briar Chapel’s gems.


“We ended up on another extension of the trail system, and it was amazing how different everything looked in the snow,” said Erin. “We became immersed in the trail system and stumbled upon a fort in the woods that other homeowners must have built. We were just minutes from home but felt so far away from everything else. It was one of those truly magical days and one of our most memorable at Briar Chapel.”


Summer Fun

Once the warm weather arrives, the Messier family dives into summer at the Briar Chapel pool and water park. Erin begins her day swimming laps at 7 a.m. Prepped by Briar Chapel’s rigorous swim lessons, Erin’s older kids all compete on the swim team. But for the Messier family, nothing rivals Flick and Floats, movie nights where the screen floats on the water.


“It feels like we are on vacation when we are at the pool,” said Erin. “The kids hang out with friends, we order pizza and eat dinner there, and of course they love The Cabana. It has been so great watching our kids comfort level and swimming skills grow over the years.”

kids enjoying the pool
 “We feel so fortunate to live in Briar Chapel and to raise our kids in a place where they have a chance to really experience all that nature has to offer,” said Erin. “It’s been a wonderful five years, and we look forward to many more new adventures!”


Briar Chapel offers endless adventures for you and your family. Learn five ways to get active this spring and summer.


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