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11 June . 2010

Landscaping Your Home: What to Think About During Summer Months

By Lee Bowman, Project Manager

Newland Communities


The summer months are upon us and as we all strive to keep our yards green and thriving during the heat of the summer, there are some things you can consider if you are just starting to plan for a yard overhaul OR if you are looking for ways to make your yard thrive. Our very own Lee Bowman is talking today about landscaping.  Recently, Lee did some overhauls on his own yard, and we’ve asked him to share his insights into what we need to keep in mind for our yards in the summer months. The photo here shows a great concept for a living fence!


BC: So Lee, where did you begin in your yard, and what were some of your big changes

LB: I started in the back yard, since it’s summertime, and that’s where my kids will be playing. I installed a warm weather grass, Zoysia, for durability; it requires less maintenance and watering than other types of grass, like Fescue.

To comply with maximum turf amounts per the Community’s design guidelines, I adjusted the shrub and flower beds so that they ran around the perimeter of the back yard.  This allowed for plenty of turf area in the center of my yard for kid play as well as providing for different sections of yard for certain types of gardening (e.g., vegetable garden along one edge and a rose garden along another perimeter)


BC: That sounds fantastic! These backyard ideas are great. So, what did you do in the front yard

LB: Through submissions to Briar Chapel’s landscape architect, a palette of shrubbery was developed to supplement what the builder had already provided.  The plantings offer a nice layering effect for the front of the home.


BC: What resources did you use or do you recommend for others looking into landscaping

LB: There are a lot of great resources out there. Here’s a list of some of the places I went to when researching the needs for my yard.


If you have any questions for Lee about your landscaping ideas, let us know in the comments section - and Happy Yard-working! Even if your lawn doesn't need a lot to drink, don't forget to keep yourself hydrated...


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