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18 February . 2013

Staying Calm Amid Chaos

Emily Geizer
Holistic Health Coach & Briar Chapel Resident


“He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe.”
— Marcus Aurelius


It is only by keeping calm that success comes in life. As a businessperson, mom, student, or a loved one to someone, you can likely relate to this sentiment. Yet, stress is almost revered in our society. And unfortunately, stress is making us sick!


We use substances to manage our stress and moods. In fact, the four top-selling items in grocery stores are all drugs that we use to manage our mood and energy: caffeine, sugar, alcohol, and nicotine.

Why is stress dangerous?

In self-medicating our stress, we are depleting the adrenal glands, the very glands designed to naturally manage our stress. Additionally, stress that triggers the flight-or-fight response is leading to raised blood sugar, which is leading to inflammation and other diseases by increasing the level of C-reactive protein in the body.

**Don’t space out on my here, I know I am getting technical, but get this...

C-reactive protein is a marker for heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and alzheimers. And stress is increasing our levels of C-reactive protein.


To learn effective strategies for reducing your stress and C-reactive protein marker, join me at Briar Chapel's Health-a-Palooza event on February 23 from 11–11:30 am in the Saussy Burbank model in Briar Commons. I’ll show you how to harness the powers of your mind and body to create a calming safe haven in your life—no matter what the world throws at you.




Emily Geizer is passionate about empowering you to change the way you think about food forever. She spent most of her adult life struggling with excess weight and feeling confused about where to start. This led her become certified as a health coach. She now spends her time teaching people like you to use food as their medicine, rather than their poison so that they can maintain their ideal weight, experience an abundance of energy and spontaneous bouts of happiness. Emily is also an early childhood expert and former Montessori teacher. She blends these unique skills to create Whole Family Health Makeovers.




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