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Buying A New Home - Are We There Yet?

by Kristy Yule


And then there was one!

So in my previous blog posts, I shared how my family decided to purchase a home, and how we researched and eliminated a couple of counties in the Triangle. See more here

My family and I turned our sights to Chatham County. We love the rural feel of Chatham but also the access to the vibrant communities of Pittsboro, Carrboro and Chapel Hill. We really enjoy dining and shopping where we knew the owners and feel that we are directly contributing to the local economy. Our children are already in the Chatham County school system. Because of my position with Newland Communities, I am very familiar with the benefits of the school system in Chatham County and know that it is much stronger than many from outside the area believed it to be(Check out score comparisons here. In fact, some of the Wake Co. schools we considered had some scores below Chatham.

As I shared earlier, I work for a developer who actually has a new home community located in Chatham County. Most people would expect that my “research” would be unwarranted since it might seem natural to simply buy a home in a community where I work. Even though the decision was not that simple, upon considering all of the factors, Briar Chapel is exactly what we’ve chosen.

Location – Check!

Area Vibe – Check!

Trails – Check!

Parks – Check!  

Amenities – (Are you kidding me?) Check!

Energy efficient homes – Check!

Family friendly – Check!

Schools nearby – Check!

All of these positive attributes far outweighed any concern I had about living where I worked. So we had found our new community, the only thing left was to choose a builder. That should be easy, right? We’ll see about that!

This has been my family’s journey, and I’m curious, was our search similar or different from yours? What sort of things do you value when looking for a community?


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