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Find harmony again.

It’s an easy, respectful way of life. Our commitment to sustainability touches every detail, like our NAHB-certified green homes, historic parks and our fresh, re-energizing atmosphere. We've preserved nearly 900 acres of open space, slopes and stream beds, and thousands of trees. The result is a more natural habitat for wildlife - and a healthier lifestyle for the people who call it home.

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Thoughtful planning for a long-lasting community.

Every detail matters. When planning Briar Chapel, we let the land do the talking. We crafted a community meant to last around these core principles of sustainability.

Green principles.

  • Start with the land.

    We made an effort to preserve the most species-rich areas. Wetlands to preserve water quality. Parks, greenways and forested buffers to conserve plants.

  • Keeping the green green.

    Greenways, forests, parks – we’re dedicated to generously preserving natural areas. Bennett Mountain and the area tout greenways connecting preserved forested areas.
  • More trees, please.

    We've preserved almost 900 acres of trees and planted more wherever sites allow.
  • Re-use of materials.

    Boulders removed during the grading process were re-used in the site's landscaping, retaining walls, erosion control and roadbeds.
  • Walking is good.

    The Briar Chapel community is a walkable community, with over 20 miles of trails connecting our neighborhoods, the Briar Club, local parks, ball fields and schools.

  • The Briar Club.

    To inspire our builders, resident and greater community, the Briar Club is LEED® Silver Certified.
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Going green saves green.

By living in a sustainable community, you’re not only preserving the environment but also preserving pennies – as much as $607 each year in energy bills. Built according to the rigorous NGBS construction standards, Briar Chapel homes are 25 percent more energy efficient than the average North Carolina house.

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Start Your Tour

When you come out to Briar Chapel, your first stop will be our Information Kiosk. It's where you can pick a model home guide, check out our community map, and get that much closer to finding your new home. You can also view the ins and outs of our model homes by taking a virtual tour from the comfort of your home. If you’d rather set up a private appointment, you can do that, too—by clicking the link below, or by calling us at (919) 951-0700.