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Community Art

From the very beginning, Briar Chapel has celebrated the area's long-standing tradition of arts and culture. Architecture, landscape, history and design come together to create a heightened quality of life. Local artists have been commissioned to create and incorporate original sculpture and artwork along the trails to enrich the landscape and provide a uniquely artful experience around every bend.

Briar Chapel has partnered with the Chatham County Arts Council and local schools in an effort to foster arts awareness and education.

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Listen to a Podcast about our community art, created by a Margaret B. Pollard Middle School student here »


Ramble Bramble
at Main Entrance

by Jim Gallucci

A stainless steel sculpture of Carolina smilax stretches up and over the native stone wall.

Glass Gate Trailhead

by Leslie Fesperman and Luke Barrow

The gate of rustic wood posts and suspended artisan glass brings light and reflection into the forest canopy.

Stone Bench


A large boulder provides a natural respite for hikers along the trail.

Picnic Glade


Within an open space along the Pokeberry Creek Trail, an assemblage of native boulders takes the shape of a picnic table and benches.

Historic Bench in Founders Park


A historic fence was relocated to Founders Park where it brings a sense of history to the open space.

Birdhouses in the Dell

by Luke Barrow

Handcrafted wildlife habitat boxes are situated to attract the different bird species to the butterfly habitat.

Bike Shelter

by Jeff Mateer

The heavy timber structure provides a rendezvous point along the mountain bike trail displaying the community trail map.

Earth Castings

by Thomas Sayer

Large earth casts made from tree spades provide a dramatic focal point for each road as it converges with the traffic circle.


by Grace Cathey

Large Metal sculpture featuring a caterpillar changing into a butterfly is located in the community garden.

Wildlife Mosaics

by Erick Davis

Created with recycled materials, hand-tiled mosaics depicting scenes of local wildlife and birds wrap a cluster of large boulders in Founders Park.

Bennett Mountain Wall


Native stone was used to create the terraced wall along the rocky slopes of Bennett Mountain.

Pokeberry Creek Bridge


The large wooden bridge in the preserved forest leads hikers along a ravine to Pokeberry Creek.