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Help us create a great community for you, or if you've already shared and want to make changes, click here.

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Commitment to Community » Green Principles

Green Principles

Start with the land. We made an effort to preserve the most species-rich areas, such as along streams. Virtually all existing wetlands are being preserved, helping to conserve biological diversity, protect wildlife, and protect water quality. Vegetative areas such as forested buffers, greenways, and public parks planned to be maintained throughout the life of the project.

Water is life. Preserving large amounts of open space, implementing erosion and sediment control practices, and incorporating storm water treatment facilities help improve water quality. Plus the reclaimed water spray irrigation system reduces the demand for potable water.

Preserving wild spaces for wild things. Over 50% of the community has been designated as open space, preserving wildlife habitat. Preserved existing wetlands will also play a part in protecting wildlife.

Keeping the green green. We are dedicated to generous planning and preserving of natural green areas. Bennett Mountain and the area east of it are planned to be preserved with greenways connecting forested areas.

We prize preservation. We've preserved almost 900 acres of trees, and also planted more wherever parks and home sites allow.

Re-use of materials. Boulders removed during the grading process were re-used in the site's landscaping, retaining walls, erosion control, and roadbeds.

Walking is good. The Briar Chapel® community is a walkable community, with 24 miles of trails connecting our neighborhoods, the Briar Club, local parks, ball fields, and schools.

The Briar Club. In an effort to inspire our builders, residents, and greater community, the Briar Club is LEED® Silver Certified. Learn more about the Briar Club.

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